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Perfectly imperfect

Save a perfectly imperfect candle by purchasing it at a discount.

Perfectly imperfect

At Silke-Amsterdam we have high standards when it comes to the quality of our products. From a qualitative point of view, we want to offer you only the best handmade products.

However, manual work is often more sensitive to minor deviation than machine work. And with a view to a sustainable way of doing business, we do not want to throw away products. That is why you can buy perfectly imperfect candles at a discount. This way you save a candle, and you also save money.

What can you expect?

Our perfectly imperfect copies may have minor deviations such as:

  • a small deviation in the format;

  • minor damage to the candle;

  • a fuse slightly off center;

  • a small irregularity in the color.

A deviation from the candle is always well described in the description of the product. You can assume that the perfectly imperfect products are still of high quality.

De mooiste en meest unieke dinerkaarsen
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