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About us

Silke-Amsterdam stands for quality, unique designs and brings back the craft of candle making.

Silke-Amsterdam was founded at the end of 2020 in the heart of Amsterdam. With a great interest in interior design, founder Lisanne felt that a finishing touch was missing in her own interior, especially with regard to candles. That finishing touch to bring an interior together turned out to be rather difficult to find. Candles were boring, meaningless and anything but an eye-catcher. A candle that was more than just a candle, but a central piece in an interior? It could not be found.


We had to change that. 


Vision and mission

Determining a coherent interior is quite difficult. It is therefore our vision to ensure that everyone can create their own interior that meets all wishes, without too many difficulties.


We want to contribute to this by producing unique, handmade products for people who could use some help in creating an interior. But of course also for people who already have their interior in order, and are looking for beautiful, unique accessories that combine everything into one whole.

Silke-Amsterdam: voor al je interieur accessoires
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