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Handmade products

All our products are made by hand with great care.

All our products are completely
handmade. We do not use large industrial machines, but bring back the craft of candle making. We put a lot of care and love into our products and guarantee high quality. Our candles are extensively tested: a process that starts with testing and ends with the sale of the candles can sometimes take up to months.


Candle wax

Our candle wax is a blend of products that ensure that our products are of good quality and that you can enjoy your candle for as long as possible. This blend has been carefully tested and you can be sure that there are no harmful substances in our products. Blends may differ per candle to make sure that for every design, the appropriate blend is used. 



The dyes we use are both vegan and cruelty free and are suitable for candles.



The fragrances we use are 100% concentrated and approved for use in candles. In addition, the fragrances are vegan and cruelty free.


Candle mold

Most of our candle molds are self-made to guarantee unique designs. These candle molds are therefore nowhere for sale and therefore these candles are only available at Silke-Amsterdam.



Handgemaakte dinerkaarsen voor in je interieur
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